Six Weeks To Fitness

My next guest is Pauline Adeleke, a 71 year’s young, personal trainer, fitness coach, nutritionist, inspiring speaker and owner of the Ageless Fitness Lifestyle YouTube channel. She is a firm believer that anyone can get fit and at any age.

Pauline shared her journey from a carefree childhood in New York to an adventurous young adult life as an international flight attendant. She narrated her fairy-tale-like encounter with her future husband at an art exhibition and their life together until his untimely death orchestrated by the Nigerian government due to his successful land development ventures.

After returning to New York as a widow with two children, Pauline rebuilt her life, emphasizing the importance of education, resilience, and faith. She transitioned from teaching to starting her writing company and later pursued her passion for fitness, which she now shares with others, especially women over 50, to encourage them to maintain their health and well-being.

Pauline also discussed her dietary preferences, advocating for a plant-based diet, and the importance of regular exercise, including strength training, for maintaining muscle mass and bone density as one ages. She emphasized the necessity of self-love, avoiding comparisons, and finding a nutrition and exercise routine that suits one's individual needs.

Pauline is working on an app dedicated to fitness and health for women in their 50s and 60s, offering exercise routines, meal plans, and motivational support. Her presence on social media and her upcoming app reflect her dedication to spreading the message of health, strength, and resilience, irrespective of age.

This summary captures the essence of the conversation, highlighting Pauline's life story, her philosophy on aging, fitness, and nutrition, and her commitment to inspiring others to take charge of their health and well-being.

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