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In this episode of our Six Weeks to Fitness Podcast, I will be joined by Jayden Johnson, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Group Fitness Instructor and Certified Personal Trainer out of Charlotte, North Carolina.  Jayden will share his personal fitness journey on how he lost 135 pounds naturally.  Jayden will also discuss what life was like being severely overweight and what changes he made in his life to reach his goals. I first heard about Jayden while on facebook.  One of his clients posted her before and after pictures and praised Jayden for helping her lose 40 pounds. Jayden’s story is one of inspiration and motivation.  After listening to Jayden you can’t help but feel the passion and conviction in his voice when he speaks about the importance and benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.  Jayden is one of the most sought after trainers in the North Carolina and after listening to his interview, you’ll understand  why. 

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In this episode of our Six Weeks to Fitness Podcast, I will be joined by the talented actor, Page Kennedy, who appears on Fox TV’s highly anticipated television series, “Backstrom” which airs on Thursday evenings on Fox.  During the interview, Page will discuss his character “Officer Frank Moto”, who is an ex-Mixed Martial Arts fighter who wanted to change his life by going into law enforcement.  Officer Moto is loyal, tough and simple at times and aspires to be a “plain clothes officer” and role model for his son.

Page Kennedy will also share the unconventional way in which he landed his first television role in Hollywood.  Page credits Michael Jackson as being his role model and the reason why he became an actor.  Page will also discuss what it was like growing up in Detroit, Michigan with his family and how his upbringing prepared him for life and made him what he is today.

In addition to being an actor, Page is also an accomplished rapper and during the interview, Page talks about his favorite rapper and the actor and actress he most wants to work with in the future.


Page reveals that although he does play recreational basketball, exercise does not come easy for him but he realizes the importance of eating healthy and exercising and vows to make it a part of his life going forward.

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In this episode, I will be joined by Certified Personal Trainer and Registered Nurse, Tafara Liz Muchechemera from Queensland, Australia.  During the interview Tafara will take us on a journey from Zimbabwe, where she was born and raised to where she currently lives in Queensland, Australia.  Tafara left Zimbabwe for economic reasons with only the clothes on her back and a suitcase, hoping to find a better life for her and her family.  Tafara will share the struggles and challenges she endured while being alone and how her only comfort was food.  The loneliness combined with her excessive comsumption of food, caused Tafara’s weight to increase to over 240 pounds.


In an act of desperation to lose the weight, Tafara took the advice of a friend and tried weight loss pills but the pills made her sick, nauseous and unable to sleep.  Tafara will discuss what actions she took to lose the weight and get her life back.  Tafara is now a personal trainer and has competed in various fitness competitions showing off her sculpted physique.  Tafara is truly an amazing woman and this is a very inspiring episode .

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In this episode of our Six Weeks to Fitness Podcast, I will be joined by Mary Solis, Certified Personal Trainer with the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and owner of Dream Body Fitness.  During the interview, Mary will share what event happened in her life that inspired her to lose weight and improve her health, and how losing her job after 15 years of service, served as the catalyst for Mary to start her personal training business .  Mary will also discuss her fitness and nutrition philosophy along with success stories from the clients she’s worked with through the years.  Mary reveals that in her earlier years she would never exercise, but now exercise and nutrition has become her passion and she enjoys sharing her expertise with others, especially women 40 and over who feel that they are too old to exercise.  Mary will also discuss what it was like to enter a fitness competition at the age of 47, an age where most women (and men) would feel intimidated to step out on stage in front of strangers and compete against other contestants.  Mary is truly enjoying her life.

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In this program, I will be joined by Leonard Viltz, A U.S. Army Veteran and owner of, an online retail store specializing in the sale of motivational health and wellness clothing.  During the interview, Leonard will discuss his experience in the military during Desert Storm and why he chose to leave the military after spending 13 years in the Louisiana Army National Guard.  Leonard will also discuss what traumatic experience and events happened in his life in 2007 that started him on the road to improving his health.  Leonard will share information on his healthy lifestyle and how he was introduced in his teenage years to the importance of saying affirmations and having a positive mental attitude which led to his creation of  This and much more is in this very informative episode.

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In this episode of our Six Weeks to Fitness Podcast, I will be joined by the vivacious and talented Actress, Denise Boutte’.  Denise appeared in Tyler Perry’s hit television show, “Meet the Browns” as well as in the films “Why Did I Get Married” and “For Love or Money” among others. .  During the interview, Denise will discuss what it was like growing up in a small town of less than 700, in Maurice, Louisiana, and how her day to day chores helped her to stay active as a child.  Denise graduated from LSU with a degree in “Mass Communications”, relocated to Dallas, Texas and worked as an Advertising Executive before moving to Hollywood at the suggestion of a friend.  Denise will take us on her journey to Hollywood and discuss her friendships with Tyler Perry, Lamman Rucker, Shemar Moore and many others.  Denise will also discuss how she manages to balance family life as a wife and mother to a 4 year-old daughter.

Denise also discusses her upcoming films, including her latest project, “Denise’s Dish”, where she invites viewers to learn about good old southern cooking. Filmed in Lafayette and surrounding areas, "Denise's Dish" shares old family recipes and local stories in video segments that last three to five minutes. Nuggets from some segments may end up in Denise Boutte’s first cookbook, which will be released later this year.


An episode of "Denise's Dish," can be seen online at  This was a truly inspiring interview that’s full of advice, wisdom and encouragement for everyone.

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In this program, I will be joined by Stephen Jackson, entrepreneur and President of Run Two Live, a 501C(3) non-profit organization, whose mission is to Inspire, Support and Encourage Black Men & Women to gain and maintain a  healthy lifestyle through running and walking regardless of athletic ability and running experience.  During the interview, Stephen will take us on his personal journey from being the owner and General Manager of RDZ Media Group, a multi award winning Mobile Social Media Agency that was ahead of its time, and why he decided to sell the company and turn his focus towards creating and operating a not-for-profit organization called Run Two Live. 


Stephen will share how running and changing his eating habits enabled him to lose a significant amount of weight and get off of the medications he was taking for high blood pressure and cholesterol.  Heart disease runs in Stephen’s family but he was not about to let heart disease or diabetes take control of his life.  This and much more is discussed in this very inspiring interview.

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During the interview, Kenroy Grant will take us on a journey from his youth growing up in Trinidad, moving to Brooklyn, New York with his family at the age of 10 and eventually settling down in Atlanta, Georgia.  Ken will also discuss his philosophy on health and the reason he became a personal trainer and why he is currently pursuing a degree in alternative medicine.  Ken will also give his advice on how to stay healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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