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Cardiovascular disease is a major health concern for everyone, especially women, causing ten times more fatalities than breast cancer. As a matter of fact, heart attacks occur more often in women than men.

Cardiovascular disease is often underestimated as it appears later in women than in men. Women usually discover their own risk while seeking health information for their spouses at medical events, making it a life-saving revelation. Dr. Ford Brewer is a board-certified preventive & occupational medicine specialist and a globally recognized speaker for organizations including the National Governor's Association and the Brookings Institute. Dr. Brewer is also the Founder of PrevMed Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention ( PrevMed Health is a national preventive medicine practice focusing on preventing and treating chronic diseases, particularly heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. Dr. Brewer has devoted the majority of his career to the prevention of chronic disease, with some amazing results. Prior to Premed Health, he was the Director of preventive medicine programs at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University. During this very informative interview, Dr. Brewer will share why he chose prevention as opposed to surgery, and how his methods of prevention can extend decades to your life beyond your 50s, 60s or 70s.

In addition, Dr. Brewer will share information about his upcoming event, “PrevMed Health's Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Conference, scheduled to take place on December 1-2 in Tampa, Florida. The conference will address the critical issue of preventive medicine and the leading causes of death and hospitalizations in America. The two-day immersive health education conference includes top healthcare and medical experts who discuss silent killers and how to avoid or prevent many cardiovascular diseases. This transformative seminar is much more than a traditional event, offering individualized advanced testing to identify risk for heart disease, strokes, and dementia, among other cardiovascular diseases.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your health and extend your life for years to come, then listen to what Dr. Brewer has to say and what techniques he recommends, you won't regret it. He is saving lives all over the world, with over 188,000 YouTube subscribers, he is doing something right!

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