Six Weeks To Fitness

In this episode of our Six Weeks to Fitness Podcast, I will be joined by Tanisha Burke, a healthy lifestyle Wellness Coach out of Rockledge, Florida.  During the interview, Tanisha will share her very unique and innovative approach to wellness coaching. She will also explain why she does not subscribe to the “one size fits all” model when it comes to designing wellness programs for her clients.  Tanisha will also discuss her personal journey into health which started a couple of years ago while preparing to go on a very popular rollercoaster ride in Ohio and realizing she could no longer fit in the seat.  This was a devastating blow to Tanisha who absolutely enjoys the excitement and thrills of being on the rollercoaster, but instead of giving on life and doing the things she enjoys, Tanisha took action!  She changed her lifestyle and took the necessary steps to lose weight and improve her health and as a result, lost 103 pounds in 18 months.  Tanisha is now sharing her knowledge and expertise with others with her “Fit For Life by Tanisha” wellness coaching business. Tanisha is an amazing woman.  In addition to having her own wellness business, she and her husband owns a “DJ” business and she also works full time.  Tanisha is on a mission to help others and to enjoy life in the process. This is truly an inspiring story.

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