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Ron Laikind is the CEO and inventor of the Extreme Mist Personal Cooling System (PCS) and Extreme Mist Portable Sanitizing System (PSS). He has hiked the globe from the Sahara to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, Siberia, Turkey, the Himalayas, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, South America, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and more. In other words, he is a world traveler and the author of "Drifting Through the Sands of Time: A Saharan Adventure."

Being the world traveler that you are, Ron, where are you right now during this interview?

I am in Scottsdale, Arizona, and at the Extreme Mist headquarters at the office.

Were you born and raised in Scottsdale?

I wasn't, but I lived here for a better part of my life. As a kid, I was raised in Tucson and then moved away and then came back over 30 years ago to Scottsdale and landed here in Scottsdale with thirty years under my belt.

Where did your desire to travel the world and seek adventure come from?

It started as a little kid in Tucson going out to the old Adobe forts that were melting away out in the desert sun and the little bit of rain over the eons looking for arrowheads and artifacts from that era. Then I got into gold mining as a young guy and started dredging up in Northern California. I've always kind of had that desire, so it was just natural for me always to be outdoors, and it just continued throughout my adult life and turned into Trekking the globe.

What was your greatest takeaway from hiking all over the globe?

Well, for one, it was very difficult to get anyone to go with me on these trips. For most people to be able to take off from their families, their job or school, or whatever it is throughout the decades is difficult. At one point, I was a student too and still was taking off and doing these things on my downtime, but it's difficult to get someone to go with you.

It's nice to go by yourself because you're not encumbered by someone else, but at the same time, if I can talk someone foolish enough to go with me, then I end up seeing more, and it enhances the trip even more. There are pluses and minuses to both of those ways, so to answer your question, it's just something that gets into your blood, and you just really got to get out and do these things. If you're into it, just do it.

How were the people you met on your journey hiking across the globe?

People are people, no matter where you go. People always wonder when I go into areas like Pakistan and some of the Middle East places, how dangerous it is. Of course, if I go to downtown Phoenix at night, it can be dangerous too, so you have to be wise, but most people that you meet don't discuss politics. The government and people are totally different. I've had some of my best experiences in what we call enemy territories where the people could not have been nicer to me and more accommodating, so people are just lovely no matter where you go for the most part.

In addition to being a hiker, you're also into extreme sports. What type of sports are you into?

They come and go all the time, whether it's white water rafting or skydiving. I'm not much of an organized sports guy because I tend to do a lot of things alone. I tend not to join in the marathons and things. I do my own trail running. I think I'm just used to going out on these trips by myself that I just end up doing things on my own.

We know the importance of hydration when working out, but what was your "Aha" moment that inspired you to create the Extreme Mist Personal Cooling System and explain to my listeners how it works?

Sure. When I first did this, I went to the hardware store and bought a bunch of parts, and I got a Camelback, which is a hydration system and I installed a pump system into the back, and I shared the reservoir by wiring it off from the drink hose, so I had the drink hose coming over one shoulder, and over the other shoulder I had a smaller quarter inch hose with a Mist nozzle on the end and it ended at my chest and points out directly in front of me so whenever I walk, run, cycle, I always move into a nice, cold Cloud. So that was my intent and the aha moment to design that was in the Sahara trip I did, and that was on a thousand-mile Journey.

I left out of Mali in Africa, and I took with me a Camelier, who owned the camels, so I rented the camels and him and then I found a kid in Timbuktu in Mali, who spoke a little bit of English and talked him into going. After about a week and a half and maybe a couple of hundred miles into this trip, my Camelier, who spoke no English, every day at around 11 or 12 o'clock, we have to take our saddle blankets and drape them over us like a little tent, a little lean-to and just sit there for 3 to 4 hours and wait for the sun to go by; the most boring miserable thing you could ever do, and part of the way into this, all of our water was boiling hot because it was kept in inner tubes that we get from the wells that we have to go to every 3 or 4 days. If we miss a well, we would die.

So luckily, he knew where the wells were, we only got lost a few times, but we would scoop the water out of these wells with our buckets tied to a camel and haul it up and fill up these inner tubes. They were black and absorbed all of the heat, so not only was it blistering hot, but your water was just short of boiling as well, and he showed me a trick, a thousand-year-old Bedouin trick where you take a bowl of water, indent the sand, put it in the sand, tilt it towards any Breeze and towards the sun outside of my shadow from my little lean-to and within about 15 minutes due to the evaporation process, what was left behind was almost ice-cold water, and that was my aha moment. I will never forget that first sip of cold water going down, which changed the whole journey.

I know about mist systems because in Scottsdale and many other places in the south areas, we have misters all over the place, from commercial shopping centers to our own backyards, and it's nothing new to me, but then I thought about the evaporation, the cold, and I thought how about we put this into a hydration system so you have a two-in-one drinking and misting system and that's how the aha moment came to me.

I understand that there was another Aha moment in your life during this current pandemic, which created the Extreme Mist Portable Sanitizing System (PSS). Explain how that came about?

Well, that's the mother of invention story right there because my gym, as I mentioned earlier in the interview, is in my parking lot about 50 feet away from my office. I went into the gym to work out, and they were having a meeting, and I know all of them because I work in the same Center. So I said what's going on, and they said, "we're going to shut down." This was before the mandatory shutdowns came to the country when COVID had just started up, and I said, really, you're going to shut down now, and they said: "Yeah, people aren't secure in the fact that we are sanitizing and disinfecting the gym properly." They always have the squirt bottles at all the stations as everybody knows with the disinfectant that you're supposed to do it yourself when you leave a station, but they also have to do their job too, and they said people weren't confident, so everyone was dropping out; so I said you know what, before you make that decision give me 10 minutes, I walked back to the office. My system is a delivery system no matter what fluid I put into it, so I took off the drink hose, and I extended the chest-like mist nozzle hose down to arm's length and walked back over. I took the chemicals that they use for disinfecting and put it into a two-liter bag (which is made for runners), gave it to the manager (it's the most comfortable sanitizing backpack in the world because it's a natural runners vest style), and he put that on, walked around the gym started sanitizing on full speed which really itemized the solution which made it last three to four times longer than his squirt bottle. Everyone broke out in applause, and they went ahead and kept the gym open for a couple more weeks until the mandatory shutdown came.

It's not my passion, but we just decided to give some away to some of the COVID centers. We sent some out to Elmhurst Hospital, which was in the news constantly at ground zero in New York and a couple of the other hospitals and some locally, then some of the sanitizing companies saw it and the next thing I knew, 3000 units later within the last five months we've been selling those systems as well, and we've added some accessories.

We are selling the system to everybody. Some people use it for home use, but it's a pretty robust system for that, but people buy them for the house. I have people that buy them when they do have to travel, and they take it with them to the hotels and things to spray them down, so it's an easy, convenient tetherless system. You're not tethered to anything, and you just put in whatever of the two thousand different chemicals that are out there into the system, and you've got an instant COVID killer, hopefully.

Are these products affordable for the average consumer?

Yes, they are. The sanitizing system is under $300.00, and most of the good systems on the market start at $700 to many thousands of dollars for the commercial systems, and our drinking and misting systems are under a couple of hundred dollars.

How can we find out more about the Extreme Mist Portable Sanitizing System and Sanitizing System?

You can find out more information on my website at for the misting and drinking systems, which we call the PCS (Personal Cooling System), and for our Portable Sanitizing System (PSS) at

This was a fascinating interview with an extraordinary inventor. Please listen to the podcast to hear the full story.

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Liz Grantham is the founder of, an extensive online collection of proprietary Integrated Movement Routines (IMRs) and wellness content developed specifically for people 50 plus who want to make life easier, feel younger, stay active and live with less pain. The Integrated Movement Routines are based on functional movements and take a whole-body, timeless, and natural approach to improve mobility, stability, flexibility, balance, and strength. Liz has more than 30 years of experience in marketing and advertising, providing innovative, integrated, thoughtful solutions for global clients such as Visa, Shell, and Sony Mobile, working on projects including the Olympics.

Before we discuss your App,, let's talk about you, Liz; where were you born, and what was young Liz's childhood like growing up?

I was born in a small town in South Africa called Port Elizabeth. I had a fabulous childhood. It was very long ago. I grew up in the days of analog. A telephone was a luxury almost, so a television only arrived when I was in school. We would watch the television at the neighbors' home; not everybody had them. I grew up and went off to Boarding school and ended up working in marketing and advertising as a young person.

So Your Career Path was in Advertising Prior to Starting Fitness Program?

I worked in advertising for over 30 years and had my own Agency for more than 20 and what's been wonderful is that during my career, I've really been able to work on some fantastic, big Sports sponsorship properties and worked on Olympic games. I worked on Rugby World Cups and Football World Cups, so I had a keen interest in sports and sports development. We are currently working on women in sports on a fantastic program for one of our clients that involves women in sports, so sports have always been something that's been a part of my career, but it wasn't always part of my personal reaching and my life.

Was there an Aha moment that inspired you to get into the fitness space?

Absolutely, I'm sure Vincent, that you know many stories like mine; I work in advertising, where it is a high-pressure, high-stress career. I do a lot of running around but really just hard work, the clock is ticking all the time, and one of my health advisors said to me that they were concerned that I was going to suffer from adrenal fatigue and as you might know, if adrenal fatigue goes too far and you have adrenal burnout, it's not really something you can fix, and one of the solutions that were put in front of me was that I needed to include exercise in my daily life and I was like I hate exercise, and I'm really not going to be doing that. So they said, well, you have a choice to make, so I did quite an amount of research. I'm a real follower and believer in functional medicine and thankfully found a real functional medicine practitioner, and they started talking to me about finding a different way of exercising, not just running on a treadmill or doing weight circuits. I can't concentrate long enough; I get quite bored. I think our bodies get so full of stress and tension. I use to live on Ibuprofen every afternoon just to get through the day with the headaches and sore neck. I found a fantastic trainer, and well, I took the plunge. I actually heard about him. I heard that what he did was quite different, and I went into a class one Friday evening with massive trepidation into this class that was full of people who all knew each other and were chatting. It was really quite scary almost, and the people were young and old. Anyway, I did this class, and 15 minutes later, I could not believe how my body felt. In 15 minutes, I felt like a completely different human being, and I then started doing three classes a week, and that literally changed my whole life in terms of how my body felt and how I was able to get through my day. People started asking me, what were you doing, what's going on with you, you're in a much better mood, you're full of chirp, you're not moaning and groaning all the time, and I honestly put it down to movement, so it was a really startling change for me, and I have been kind of a disciple ever since. So much so, I started a whole business around it.

What Can Someone Expect to Experience When Trying App?

Our vision was to build out a platform where people of midlife, whether that's 45 or 50, 55, 60 or 65, can find a solution that is tailor-made for our stage in life because I think as you get into midlife, our objectives in terms of our bodies and wellness often change. We're keener on being fit for purpose, in terms of Aging well, really being active in order to do the things we want to do, then looking beautiful. I think for many people, that is really a shift from when you were in your 20s or thirties where how you look is often more important than how you feel. So what they will find are our integrated movement routines, our wonderful trainer, whose name is Jennie. He is a highly qualified physical education teacher. He is an accredited trainer. He is really a master in the body and in movement. He actually turned 60 early this year. He is extraordinary. He's always been a dancer and a gymnast. He never suffered any injuries because he believes we should move our body the way we were designed to move, because while our world might have changed, how we move is still the same whether we were cavemen, hunter-gatherer and unfortunately in our daily lives now, what do we do now, our environment and our world is created for efficiency and our time and convenience, not for us to move like we use to. So, our integrated movement routines are all about moving in movement patterns, some of which are very familiar. There are movement patterns to really optimize our ability to be aligned, to be strong, to have good posture, to be able to twist and turn and not be afraid of injury really because we are strong and stable and able to do that. We have hundreds of workouts on our site, and they are all exclusive, and we approached everything we've done not to be flashy but to really give an experience that somebody in midlife whose eyes maybe were not as good as they were in their 30s.

We've focused on the fact that it's not about being fancy and modern. Even our music, we get all of our music tracks composed and commissioned so that even the music experience is joyful and fun and not necessarily hard on the ears. We worked really hard to provide something that works for our age group. It's not competitive. It's very progressive. You start where you start and move along. What you really want to do is get everyone moving. We also have fantastic nutritional information and health information and all specific to midlife and beyond because our bodies go through all sorts of changes, and we don't produce the same enzymes and amino acids. We need to look at things differently as we age, and we don't need to put all of our ailments down to old age. There are other things that can be quickly resolved.

How long are the exercise routines?

We recommend you do the routines at least 15 minutes per day, but you will find 5-minute routines, 15-minute routines, and 30 minutes and there are a beginner and intermediate classes on the site. I think it's difficult to find an excuse not to do 5 minutes or even 15 minutes of movement in a day.

Why is Functional Fitness Important as we age?

Well, think about it; if you are not able to do the 7 or 8 basic functional movements, you know, you squat, lunge, reach, push, pull, you walk. For instance, when you sit down, you're going into a squat, and when you stand up out of your squat, you need to do that to get out of your chair, and if you can't do that, you're going to need someone to help you do those type of things. If you just think about balance as we get older, what people don't know is that you start losing your balance in your 20s. It's not something that goes pop when you get to midlife. I think 1 in 4 people over the age of 55 ends up in the emergency room from a fall. If you're not working on your balance regularly, chances are you're going to roll your ankle; you're going to tumble at some point and trip on the stairs. If you're taking care of yourself, it doesn't have to be that way.

Where do you see in the Next 5 Years?

I have big plans, Vincent. I am excited about talking to our age group because I think that this is a program that's built by mid-lifers for mid-lifers. Simone, our consulting physiotherapist, she's also about to turn 60, Jennie's 60, I'm 53, the guy who composes our music is in his 50s. We are not pretending to know something that we don't. We really understand because we live it. We live this midlife time, and we're all excited about life. We want to be healthy, travel, and able to see the world, and if COVID has taught my friends and me one thing, it's how we took getting on a plane and going off somewhere exciting, inspirational, and beautiful for granted. We didn't think twice that we wouldn't be able to travel a couple of times a year, so I think we all want to be ready for when we can and when it's safe for us to get out there when we can. We will be looking at a regenerated planet because I think this might be one of the upsides of COVID. We've given our planet a bit of a rest.

It's been amazing. In South Africa, we have an amazing wildlife and bush life, and when we were in major lockdown, we couldn't do that anymore and often a lot of it was very expensive so we would have a lot of international travelers who go to our wildlife parks and when they lifted some of our restrictions, and we were allowed to cross state boundaries again, all of those beautiful places kind of needed people to visit so that they could keep going and the animals have come out to play, it was quite a remarkable thing. Everyone who came back from Safari is like; we've never seen so many animals, we've never seen animals like this before. I think maybe that's going to be the whole world for us. The animals and the planet will be excited to see us all again, so we need to be ready.

How can we find out more about Liz Grantham and

Well, they can go along to our website at and they can go and have a look around and get a taste of what we do. We have a 30-day free pass. They can take the time to really make sure they like the program, and if they enjoy it and want to commit, they can access all of our articles and written content, they can access it without having to buy a subscription. So there is a lot for them to see and find at I think there is something there for everybody.

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Rachele Jaegers is the Founder and CEO of VFit Studio, a fresh approach to online, group fitness. She is passionate about functional fitness training and teaching people how to use their bodies in the safest way possible. At VFit Studio, Rachele has pioneered and trailblazed a virtual gym format that weaves together effective live workouts, a positive community, and accessibility to help people from all walks of life reach their fullest potential.

A Bay Area Native, Rachele moved with her husband to the Eastern Sierras to enjoy a more active life in the great outdoors. She is the mother of 3 and has received certifications through NAFC in Personal Training, Group Fitness, and Nutrition Coaching, as well as a certification in Level 2 will Power Method. Rachele lives her life by her favorite quote, "Exercise Because You Love Yourself, Not Because You Hate Yourself."

5 years before the pandemic hit, Rachele has been offering workout classes on Zoom. Many now call her the creator of the Quarantine Workout.

Before we discuss VFit Studio, let's discuss your personal journey into health. Where and when did your interest in fitness and health begin?

I would say I'm like many; I grew up very active in playing sports. I like the structure of being part of a team. I was very competitive with tennis and track. I went on to college, where I became a little bit more sedentary, and when you don't have sports in your life, you lose some of that structure and accountability. I was active. I called myself a weekend warrior. I would go on hikes, walk and do a lot of fun stuff around the campus but fast forward into adulthood. When I went on to my career, I found myself starting to sit at a desk 8, 9 hours a day and get out on the weekends or on a lunch break here and there, but I just wasn't feeling healthy, I wasn't feeling the peak of fitness, and when I really got into fitness it was after we moved to the eastern Sierras. As you mentioned earlier, my husband and I were trying to build a family and it wasn't happening, it was really, really a tough time for me emotionally and physically, trying to get pregnant, and I started to actually hate my body and just dislike it, talk very negatively and one day I had a friend from work say to me, you know what, let's go join a gym. It will help us feel healthy and empowered and you know, I never looked back. The first day we walked into the gym together, we just started on the elliptical machine, and we really had no idea what we were doing. I was not an active gym person. I was definitely more a sports or outdoors person. That was day one, and I look back because that truly transformed who I was. I started to learn to love my body and what it could do for me, and when I honored it and worked on it and put the effort and time on where it can take me, my journey went on from there. We got off of the elliptical machines and took some group fitness classes and just got hooked on the group fitness classes and boot camp classes and just got hooked on the group fitness aspect of being around other people and the energy and your coach calling your name and friends that you know were going to be there with you, and that's the end of the story basically. I just went on and got certified myself, which was the scariest thing I ever did. I'm a Business Major with a degree in Accounting.

I think I was close to 30 years old when I got my first certification, which now feels very young, but at the time, it seemed pretty old in the fitness world. I'm so thankful, though, because with age comes wisdom, and now 3 kids later and a business. I'll never forget that very first class I taught. This is where I was meant to be. This is my passion in life, it's a gift, and it truly is an honor to be able to teach fitness and share my love and passion for fitness. It's one of the best gifts in the world.

I began my group fitness journey probably about 9-10 years ago. My oldest daughter is now 7½, so even before I was pregnant with her, I started teaching at the gym. I started VFit Studio 5 years ago. In fact, this month, October is the 5-year anniversary of VFit Studio, which has now grown into this amazing team and community.

My journey into fitness was 9 years ago, but VFit Studio, 5 years, but before that to really date myself, I started doing one on one personal training through Skype with clients, and that's what led me to realize that this virtual platform really does work, and there are some Merits to working out live online with people, so I started Skype training when my daughter was born, that was one of the ways I was trying to kind of get out of my desk job and more into the mom fitness Balancing Act.

What inspired you to focus on virtual home fitness training?

Like I mentioned, once I found that aspect of group fitness and a community, accountability and motivation, it changed who I was. It changed my relationship with myself and, therefore, my relationship with my family and everybody that I came into contact with. After I had my daughter, I went back to my full-time office job to manage teaching at the gym, still something that I loved and fed my soul. Being a mom and working, there just wasn't enough hours in the day to do it all; something had to give. So I said to myself that there has got to be a way to pursue what I love and still be a mom.

I was so grateful to finally have my daughter, who we have been trying for so long to have. Somebody approached me back when a lot of the multi-level marketing started and wanted to know if I would be interested in being an online coach; I didn't realize she wanted me to sell shakes or something for their company, and that got my wheels turning. I'm an entrepreneur at heart, and that's where my business side comes from.

I said, wait, I can coach people online with fitness. So I gave myself a goal, put together a package if I have x amount of clients, I can leave my job. It gave me motivation. I gave myself a timeline, and in about 2 months, I worked it all out. I was waking up 5, 6 in the morning to train clients, then feed the baby and go to work. My husband had started a business and had a good foundation, so that gave me a little bit of wiggle room to take a little leap of faith. When I got to that x amount of clients, it was really from referrals, I started working with one person, and they said it was amazing. They would tell their friends, so it didn't take that long to build to that point, and my husband always said, you love group fitness, you have to figure out a way to do this on a bigger level, but at that time, I didn't know about Zoom. This was Skype. Luckily from day one, 30 minutes was only what I did with my clients. It was the magic number, especially when you're online, it's like it's only 30 minutes, you can't talk yourself out of it and we just really got to work and just started tugging away, and they became your friends fast forward, VFit Studio started when I was with my second of three children, one 7, 5½ and 2. I started VFit Studio when my son was 6 months old, so I had a 2½-year-old and a 6-month-old when I started the group fitness side of VFit Studio. That was crazy, but the more you're challenged, the more you grow.

Has Your business grown during the pandemic?

When COVID first hit in March, that second or third week, my partner and I (Maria) got together and said we're in this position, and we have been training for a year, and we have this opportunity to help and to serve others right now whose world got taken away from them so abruptly, so we literally overnight doubled our schedule and brought on a couple of other trainers whose gyms have been closed down and who have worked with us in the past. We added a bunch of kids programming, cooking, drawing, and we literally went from 65 classes a week to I think at the peak of that month that we opened up to the world, a hundred and thirty classes. It was like starting the business over, but it tested every system we have built from customer service to capacity to, can we still make this a personal experience, because that's what VFit is, a community, we can see you, and you can see us. It passed the test, and from there, we picked up probably about 150 new members that month, which was incredible, but like anything, it ebbs and flows, and then you hit June and Zoom fatigue. No one wanted to look at a Zoom screen. June was something I never seen in the 5 years since starting VFit and was the flip side of people being fatigued by having everything online and not wanting to look at a screen. We had to go back and get creative and discuss what our core values are and how do we keep everyone motivated. This isn't just a meeting you're logging into or something that you need to prepare for, so yeah, it was crazy, it was a big blur, it was a little like starting the business over in a sense, but we're out here now, it's October, I think we've grown in a way that aligns with our values. We're not this huge Peloton, multi-million dollar company. We've built everything from the ground up.

How Important is Functional Fitness in Everyday Life?

Functional fitness should be at the top of everybody's priority list when you are training because whether you're an athlete, and we have athletes, marathon runners or you're on team grandma, we like to call them, or you're just getting off the couch after 20 years, we are all training for life, to enjoy this life that we have to be functionally fit so that if you want to climb that mountain or if you want to paddleboard across the lakes or if you want to kiss your grandkids pick up your groceries, actually get out of a dangerous situation, you want to train your body and your mind to work together, and that's what we call functionally fit. We actually capitalize on the FUN because it also has to be fun.

We built a four-part functional fitness plan that is around 4 key areas, the first being cardio, and HIIT, which is high-intensity interval training, the second quadrant is strength training, the next two I found that most people are missing are balance and mobility, and the fourth, stretching and recovery, so we look at this as a four-part quadrant. This is all live 30-minute classes that you're logging into and taking with the trainer.

Who Are VFit’s Ideal Clients?

Our ideal clients are those who are willing to spend the time and energy, and that doesn't need to be hours a day, but truly believe they are worth taking care of and that they have this one body to live and this one life to live and they want to get the most out of it. We have the most amazing members like I said, every age, every walk of life, every season of life, and you know for any fitness level; you need to want it for yourself. As much as every trainer, I have wants every single person to be healthy and strong and fit, and we hope one day everyone finds that. You have to want it the most for yourself. As long as you can get yourself logged in and dressed, we'll take it from there and motivate you, encourage you and cheer you on, but you have to be at that point where you're willing to say I'm worth it.

Are Your VFit Classes Affordable for the Average Person?

Yes. Most of our clients (90%) are on an unlimited class pass, so each month, they are on an automatic monthly payment. It comes out to less than a couple of dollars per day for unlimited classes. They have the support of our trainers, and we do different add-on programs like those nutritional coaching. So my value is that we have this unlimited membership that most people can buy for an incredible value for unlimited classes, trainer support, a team, and then we offer a handful of add-on programs if you'd like to take your experience further or dive in deeper into different programs like the Reset. We have a fun game going on right now that involves a 21 Day fitness challenge. We just started a mindset coaching group, so we have these options if you would like to take this journey further, but our membership is worth its weight in gold for what we offer. We believe fitness should be for all. With group fitness, we can afford to have the prices a little lower because we can fit more people in my classes as opposed to one-on-one training where you're going to be paying a little bit more, and from that first day, I said try a free week. There are no strings attached to test it out and then decide if this is the right choice, the right fit for them.

You are a wife, a mother to 3 children, and a business owner; how do you manage all three very demanding responsibilities?

All of those are so important to me. You can love everything you do and still get burnt out at times. You don't have to balance everything because then you're just giving a little bit to everything, so I try to swing the pendulum when I'm working, work, be present and do that when I'm with my kids, I'm Mommy. Right now, because of COVID what I need to work the most on is the life category because, with everything that happens sometimes parenting right now, you're trading shifts, trading meetings. My husband has his own business too, so it's kind of like tag you have the kids, I have the kids, so I think it changes season to season. I am so blessed; these are probably the three best dream jobs I could ever have. I love working, I love having a business, that is a part of who I am, and my family knows that about me, and so they have to keep me in check sometimes, but they know that that also fills me to be the best version of myself because I love what I do.

How Can We Learn More About You and VFit Studio?

The free week trial is always available. You can get that on our website at, and you can read a little bit more about our studio, you can see the schedule pop-up subscriptions, read about my trainer team, and learn a little bit more about the program. We throw a lot on social media as well as a lot of fun fitness challenges and little workouts on Instagram and Facebook at thevfitstudio.

This is a condensed transcript of the interview.  You can listen to the interview in its entirety at

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Naomi Rotstein is a personal trainer, podcast host, and business coach, as well as the founder of 1FitFuture, her signature 12-week program that helps women ditch the diet culture mindset, food obsession, and calorie counting with individualized coaching and group support. She is also the host of the 1FitFoodie podcast, where she facilitates conversations with other leaders around the struggles and triumphs of the entrepreneurial journey.

Over the past 12 years, Naomi has worked with hundreds of clients to help them heal their relationships with food, feel confident in their bodies, shed fat, and ditch diets for good. A former fitness competitor, who has experienced her own disordered relationship with food and body image, leading to some major health scares, Naomi knows all too well the vicious cycle of bingeing and restricting over-exercising cycle, and how overwhelming and all-consuming that can be.

Naomi holds a BS in Exercise Science with a minor in Nutrition from Ithaca College. She is a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has a Precision Nutrition Level I Certification.

Naomi, where did you grow up, and what was your childhood like?

I grew up right outside of Boston in a town called Newton, Massachusetts. My childhood, I don't want to say it was pretty normal, but I have two wonderful parents, I also have an older brother who I was very close with, and I'm still very close with. He also lives currently outside of Boston, I see him often with his kids and wife and my parents are also close by.

So, a pretty tight-knit family always encouraged us to work hard, be independent, and no matter what we wanted to do in life, just to go all-in, really. They always stressed the importance of education so going to college was not really an option, not that I didn't want to go. It was kind of like the ultimate goal after graduating from high school.

I had a wonderful upbringing; it was there that I really got my love for living an active lifestyle through my parents.

When did you become interested in fitness?

I've been active as a child. I played soccer and softball in middle school and then in high school. I played field hockey, and while I loved field hockey, I really didn't fall in love with any other Spring sport, and I still wanted to be active, so I actually started going to Gold's gym with my mom, a super hard-bodied gym at the age of 15 and I fell in love with just being in that atmosphere. I loved strength training; I just kind of followed my mom around. I took some classes, I became friends with the trainers, and it was like a really no-frills bare-bones gym, but I just loved hanging out there; it was kind of my calling, and I started to see at a very early age the effects of exercise and how my body transformed and how I gained so much confidence.

I would have to say that my junior and senior years in high school is when my true love for fitness and learning more about it started, like why is it that we can lose body fat by not running all the time and we can lift weights, really diving deeper into exercise science. When I applied to colleges, I looked for colleges that had some sort of exercise science program because I knew I wanted to go into that field.

I see you are a certified health coach through Integrative Nutrition and you have a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification. Why is nutrition important?

I think nutrition is the key to healing all sorts of ailments. When you go to the doctor these days, and you say I have a headache and they say here's a prescription for a pill or I have acid reflux, here's a prescription, but really what I learned through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and I knew this before but it was really ingrained, is that nutrition can truly heal you from the inside out and there is a time and place for medication, of course, but choosing certain foods and nutrients and herbs and spices and teas and tonics and all that …. nutrition is so powerful and there are so many ways to utilize it.

You had a disordered relationship with food and body image, leading to some major health scares. Please explain this disordered relationship with food and how it affected your health?

When I was 25, I got immersed in the world of fitness competition. For those who don't know, for women, you put on a bikini, and you get all tan. It's essentially a fitness beauty pageant. I'm sure most people listening have seen pictures. It was when I was at Gold's Gym that I got exposed to this world because there was a trainer there who would coach women to compete so I always looked in at the studio, and these women had these heels on and bikinis. I said in my head, one day, I want to do that, and that looked amazing, and so when I was 25, I was actually in a really not so great relationship at the time, and that relationship prompted me to do something for myself. So, I signed up for a show, and there was no turning back at that time. I signed up for Cathy Savage Fitness, I thought I was going to do one show, and I continued to do six shows over the course of four years. I even became a coach for the team and so I got really, really immersed in this world. At first, my body completely transformed, but it was really the validation I was getting from the outside world, let's say, that really kept me going. I was getting compliments from men and women. I was pretty much terrified of gaining an ounce of fat. I tried to maintain my on-stage body year-round and which for those who have competed is not ideal and is not sustainable, so I did everything I could to just maintain the way I looked, so as you can imagine I had a disordered relationship with food, I had a lot of food anxiety in situations where I was not in control. It affected my social life, it affected my family life, so that's kind of the disordered part and I knew at the end of the day I was not going to do this forever and at the age of 26, I actually suffered from a perforated peptic ulcer.

Perforated means it burst through my intestine. I had emergency surgery and it was there that it was my kind of Ah-Ha moment, when I realized I needed to get my stuff together and begin this journey of just getting to a better place mentally healing my relationship with food and my body.

What are your views on fad diets and Why Don't they work for most people?

We can do another podcast on this topic, Vincent, but I will keep it short. Essentially fad diets are exactly what they say. They are fads. The diet industry is a billion-dollar or more industry, and these days it's super hard because every influencer is being paid to Market some detox tea or waist trainer or quick fix or what have you, and at the end of the day diets are not sustainable. They force you to follow food rules. Any sort of food protocol where you're following a set of rules is not going to be sustainable for life because if you go outside of those rules, you're going to have anxiety and it's going to force you to go down the slippery slope and by that I mean if you're told you can never eat chocolate chip cookies and then you have two chocolate chip cookies, two things are going to happen, you're going to have a lot of guilt around that and that's not going to be great for your mindset, or you're going to say screw it and eat the entire bag of chocolate chips then you're going to feel guilty, you're going to want to wake up and detox, you're going to want to over exercise and it's a vicious cycle that too many women I have seen get caught up in, myself included.

What is Naomi Rotstein's Exercise Philosophy?

I am a big fan of strength training, especially since most of my clients are women. I do work with some men one on one, but the men never have any problems with strength training, that's why they work with me (laughter). It's more the women who need some tough love and a little convincing. Some of my female clients actually love lifting heavy and love how it feels. My philosophy with my clients is strength training, a minimum of 3 days a week. That is a sweet spot for most people who work full time and have a life and a couple of days of cardiovascular and could be an activity that you enjoy whether that is a spin class or bodyweight HIIT workout or kickboxing or a run and then one day of something a little bit more mindful like yoga or a karate class or a long walk and then absolutely a minimum of one day completely off from exercise to rest and recover and continue to rest because your body cannot work overtime if you're not letting it rest. It will constantly be inflamed in a state of stress.

How do you Motivate Your Clients to Want to Work Out?

That's an interesting question. I am going to say that my ideal client is already motivated. In my Instagram bio it states that I help motivated women and I also do train men, lose body fat. I want to work with a motivated group of people, so my ideal client and because I work on my own, I have firsthand pick on who I do work with, so my roster of clients right now, they don't need a ton of motivation to show up and do the work. They might not like some of the exercises I give them to do, but most of my clients want to work out. They just are craving that structure. They are craving some accountability. I help them create workouts for their goals. I help them with their weekly workout schedule, provide accountability and support. My clients are the best!

Do you train your clients in person at a gym or virtually?

As we are recording this during COVID, I would say that most of my clients are virtual. I pivoted in mid-March when this pandemic hit. I contacted my clients to say that I am going to continue working and what time works for you? We will keep your time, etc., and I just pivoted all of my business virtual. There are a couple of clients I am seeing in person but previous to COVID I worked in boutique studios, I do not work in a big box gym anymore. You do not need a gym membership at the gym that I train, you just come to work out with me, I rent the space, and that's that. I am also training a couple of clients in the gyms of their apartment building.

How has this COVID-19 pandemic affected your business?

I'm going to say that my business has skyrocketed, and I also think that's due to a lot of gyms being closed. I get personal training inquiries almost every week. As we are recording this interview, I am not taking on any new clients. Although this always changes, my personal training schedule/roster is full. I am also pivoting my business a little bit, getting into business coaching for personal trainers. I am currently working with a business coach, so I'm bringing another leg to my business. So, I think that COVID for me at least, has been a really big blessing in disguise to access and to also really tap into some other passions that I have and one of which is helping other trainers with their business digitally and that is the next endeavor that I am working on.

Honestly, it's been great for my business. It's also forced me to slow down a little bit and not run around the city like a chicken with its head cut off. If you're a trainer, you know what that feels like.

You have a 12-week program called 1FITFUTURE, where did the name come from and what does it mean?

I started my blog 1 Fit Foodie in 2009 and started my brand's name and everyone started recognizing me and calling me 1 Fit Foodie. I just picked it one day and fell into it. Different legs of my business are called…I used that 1 Fit so and so. I just created a workout program called 1FitBod. In my ID bio if you click the link "About Me", it says 1FitFoodie, so when I created this program, I was still trying to keep it on-brand. You want it to be catchy, you want it to be memorable, so 1FitFuture, that's where the name came from and I'm really proud of that name.

What can clients expect to receive from joining your program?

1FitFuture is my signature program. It's a 90-day course, and I work with motivated, driven, incredible women, all who have a common goal, they really want to stop wasting their time, energy and money and see results. It's a hybrid coaching program, it's built to teach and guide women through a 4, and I actually added a 5th module call the Quarantine Edition, so it actually has 5 modules. It's 12 weeks; it's a hands-on course with group accountability with individual live support. There are zoom calls every week; I have some amazing guest coaches. There is a 24/7 Facebook group for the women and me to connect and talk all day long, and the course is online. You can go at your own pace. It also includes a three-month strength training program, meal prep guides. There are lessons that range in everything from nutrition to binge and restrict cycles to self-sabotage to more mindset to workout recovery. There is a 25 recipe e-book, so there is a lot of content in this course and the women go through it together. And to your question as to what they can expect, at the end of the day I want the women who enroll in this course, to have a better relationship with food. We do not count calories; we do not use the scale. It's all intuitive eating principles.

I want them to have confidence in their food choices. I want them to never be tempted to do another fad diet again because that has gotten them nowhere and because of that, most of them don't lose body fat. This is not a guaranteed weight loss course, though. I'm not guaranteeing anyone is going to lose 10 pounds. That said, most of the women who show up and do the work 100% do lose weight. They lose weight because they do the work of getting out of the diet mindset.

Do You Have Any Success Stories on your Website?

Of course. There are tons of testimonials. There are testimonial videos. I have hundreds, literally hundreds.

Can Anyone Start Your Program at Any time?

Because I am the coach of the program, I actually run this 3 or 4 times per year.

I coach it 100%. It's not the kind of thing where you buy it, and you go through it with no guidance. You are doing it with the other women. Right now I am in the 4th round of it. There are 16 women enrolled. This course will go until around Thanksgiving, and then I will kick off a new class in January. Women can sign up months in advance because they are not locked in that spot. There is never a time you can't fill out the application, chat, and lock in your spot.

What advice would you give someone who is concerned about their health during the upcoming fall and winter months?

I would say the most important thing to me is sleep. Making sure you get adequate sleep is going to set you up for a solid foundation to keep your cortisol levels in check, keep your adrenals in check, not have anxiety and be productive during the day and it's so critical for your health, so I think sleep is number one. Try not looking at your phone before bedtime, keeping your room cool, and then finding ways to move your body and it doesn't have to be some hour-long crazy Cross Fit hip style workout, it could be a 30-minute walk, it could be a 20-minute yoga flow. Find ways to move your body every day, so you're not sitting at a desk all day and feeling cooped up and be sure to get a wide range of nutrients in your diet, so if you're used to always eating zucchini for your vegetables, put a new food item in your cart, try new foods.

How Can We find out more about Naomi Rotstein and 1FitFuture?

You can visit my website at, and on Instagram you can always shoot me a DM. I am super approachable and would love to hear from you. It's naomi.rotstein.

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