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In this episode of our Six Weeks to Fitness podcast, I will be joined by Leslie Ann Sterling, a poet, writer, mental health advocate and Shape Up NYC Fitness Instructor.  During the interview Leslie will share her health challenges which began immediately following the terrorist attacks on the world trade center in 2001, when she was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (“PTSD”) and severe depression. After treating her mental illness with medication and support from family and friends, Leslie found out she had breast cancer and underwent six surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation and now is cancer free.  Almost 10 years after her cancer diagnosis she saw an ad for Body Sculpt of New York’s Six Weeks to Fitness Challenge and decided to participate in the hopes that it would not only improve her physical health, but her mental health as well. It did both! Now Leslie Sterling is a Mental Health Advocate and Shape Up NYC Fitness Instructor, teaching others how to get in shape physically and mentally.  This is a very warm and inspiring episode on how one woman snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

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During the interview, Tracye will discuss the many health benefits of eating a plant based diet, including the prevention and reversal of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and more.  Tracye also admits to not liking vegetables as a child and credits her mom for instilling in her the importance of eating vegetables and the Civil Rights Activist, Dick Gregory for a lecture he gave while Tracye attended Amherst College.  Dick Gregory was scheduled to give a lecture on the “State of Black America” but instead chose to speak about the “Plate of Black America and how unhealthily most of us eat”.  This was an “aha” moment for Tracye which started her on her personal journey to eating healthy and becoming a vegan.  Also during the interview, Tracye will dispel some of the myths that’s associated with eating vegan and provide proof as to why being a vegan is the healthiest way to improve your health, lose weight, prevent and cure chronic diseases.  Tracye will also provide advice on how to gradually start eating vegan and how most of us do eat something vegan and don’t even realize it.  You can find out more about Tracye by visiting her website at “”.  You will find a wealth of information on her website along with food recipes and much more.

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In this episode of our Six Weeks to Fitness podcast,  I will be joined by Chef Sia Pickett, owner of Malata Cuisine, a personal natural Foods chef service located in Brooklyn, N.Y.  Chef Sia was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and credits her grandparents for teaching her how to cook.  Chef Sia moved to New York about 14 years ago and while in New York she attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  During the interview Chef Sia will discuss her personal philosophy on nutrition and how what works for one person will not necessarily work for others.  Sia believes that although vegetarianism is a healthy way to live, not all vegetarians are healthy.  Chef Sia is a Personal Chef specializing in nutritionally, healthy, natural clean foods with a vegetarian, vegan and raw focus.  Chef Sia offers personal chef services, nutrition counseling, cooking demos, lessons and small group catering events.  

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