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How would you like to build, balance, confidence and strength? In this episode of Six Weeks to Fitness, I am joined by Brittany Kohnke, a certified personal trainer and strength coach out of Temecula, California. Her mission in life is to guide others towards a life of balance, confidence, and strength so they can be the absolute best version of themselves in every sense of the way. Brittany specializes in showing others what’s possible by removing the impossible and she does this by being an advocate for strength training and evidence-based practices.

Brittany’s exposure to fitness started out in her childhood, growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, where she played a variety of sports such as ice skating, gymnastics, volleyball, and basketball, but her real passion was softball, which she played throughout college.  Although she was very active, Brittany’s nutrition left much to be desired.  It was during her time in college that she was introduced to the world of fitness competition.  Brittany was in awe of how beautiful and lean the women looked on stage and truly believed she could look like them, so she did everything that was expected of fitness competitors to do, with the dieting and intense exercise, and it wasn’t long before Brittany entered her first competition weighing 110 pounds of lean muscle.  Unfortunately for Brittany, no one told her how to live her life in a “balanced and sustainable” way after the competition was over, and so, in the days and weeks following the competition, Brittany started drinking, overindulging and before she knew it (6 months later), her weight ballooned up to 170 pounds. 

Brittany’s health was deteriorating fast, and it brought on deep depression.  It wasn’t until 7 years later, that a friend told Brittany about a program called Crossfit at a gym in the area and fortunately for Brittany, it was more than just a Crossfit program, but a fitness lifestyle of eating healthy, proper exercise mechanics and much more.  This kickstarted Brittany’s journey into what is possible.  Working with this program and a particular trainer at the gym, Brittany learned what being strong and healthy is truly all about and that mainstream fitness is totally wrong.

Brittany is now using the methods and training she learned to help others, especially women to achieve their health and fitness goals.  Brittany believes that the gym can be used as a supplement to your life not the main event.  You don’t need to spend 3 hours in the gym.  It’s all about balance.  Brittany also believes in training smart not hard to achieve your fitness goals.  She also believes in using food as nourishment and that food is not something to be fearful of. 

I have only scratched the surface of this interview with an amazing coach and trainer.  If you need an experienced, motivated, and inspiring coach, who truly understands what it takes to achieve balance, confidence and strength, then listen to this interview, better yet, reach out to Brittany directly.  You can visit her IG page @brittany_kohnke.

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