Six Weeks To Fitness

DeBlair Tate grew up in a small town in Mississippi with a population of 8,000 – 10,000 people. DeBlair's passion for fitness started when she was very young. She loved playing basketball and softball and remembered being very competitive, whether racing or arm wrestling. She was always ready to compete. After high school, DeBlair attended Mississippi State University, an hour from where she grew up.

DeBlair Joins the Military

DeBlair wanted more than just a college degree. She didn't want to attend college and then go home and try to figure out what to do next. She wanted more opportunities and exposure. She wanted to show people that just because you're from a small town, it doesn't mean you have to do what everyone else is doing.

DeBlair had to figure this out on her own. She came from a loving, single-parent home and knew her mom couldn't afford to give her the opportunities and exposure to the world that she desired.

DeBlair decided to use the military as a stepping stone that would allow her to branch out into the world. She is currently serving on active duty in the U.S. Air Force.

Fitness Competition

After moving to Atlanta, DeBlair worked as a Loan Officer when she got word of a gym opening up in the area. While working part-time in the gym, a trainer approached her and asked if she competes? DeBlair, not knowing much about the female fitness competition world, said: "man, I am not going to walk around here looking like some dude". Later that day, the trainer had some girls stop by the gym to show DeBlair what they looked like competing onstage. DeBlair was very impressed with what the girls looked like, and because of her competitive spirit, she decided to give it a shot.

DeBlair became a professional fitness competitor in only two short years. She has competed for a total of six years. The experience as a competitor was challenging and not always fun because of the strict diet and training regimen. It also affected DeBlair's social life because of the time it takes to prepare for competition.

Fitness Coaching

DeBlair credits the military for instilling discipline in her life, which she lacked growing up in Mississippi. She also believes that serving in the military has made her a more effective trainer. She credits the military for being able to provide support regardless of what problems she was having. The military provided mentors to help her succeed, and that's what she can provide her clients, support, and mentorship to help them along their fitness journey.

DeBlair uses her "military training in a very intentional way." Before she agrees to take on a client, they must have a consultation with her to see "where the client's head is at," so a plan can be designed to help the client meet his or her fitness goals. DeBlair stated, "that she doesn't give her clients what she thinks they need, but rather what they came to her for."

COVID-19 and Fitness Coaching

The current pandemic has forced DeBlair to go to a more virtual platform. DeBlair shared during the interview that she is a shy person when it comes to getting in front of the camera and filming videos. She could easily do a photoshoot, but a video is something she is now getting used to.

8 Figured Brand

DeBlair has created her fitness apparel brand called 8 Figured, DeBlair shared that "if you turn the eight around, it means infinity. It also stands for self-confidence, self-acceptance, the ability to engineer yourself and the body God gave you." The 8 Figured brand has been featured on Good Morning America (GMA). The clothing line caters to everyone of all shapes and sizes. The clothes are created and designed by DeBlair and her designer.

DeBlair envisions her brand being in every store and every mall. She believes that the 8 Figured brand will be in the same lane as Nike and Lulu Lemon one day.

Balancing Business and Personal Life

Balancing business and personal life had been a hurdle for DeBlair. She would spend more time on her business and less time with friends and family. Focusing on business all the time became a problem when she noticed people were not giving her time. DeBlair realized that she had to restructure her life and get her priorities straight. DeBlair stated that "it's still a work in progress, but it's much better than before."

Trapping on Thursday

At 7:30 EST on Thursday nights, DeBlair conducts a 30-minute workout segment on Facebook and Instagram called Trapping on Thursday. Following the workout, there is a 30-minute question and answer segment where you can ask questions directly of DeBlair.

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