Six Weeks To Fitness

In episode #46 of our Six Weeks to Fitness Podcast, I will be joined by the lovely and talented actress, Carlease Burke.  During the interview, Carlease will discuss her recent 40 pound weight loss and the “Aha” moment in her acting career that made her change her eating habits and improve her health.  Carlease will also take us on her personal journey growing up in Hollis, Queens, N.Y. to two loving, middleclass parents whose desire for her was to go to school and become a teacher.  To please her parents, Carlease attended City College of NY and received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Pre-Law.  Carlease, realizing from her birth that what she really wanted to do was act, decided to follow her passion, moved out to LA and began what is now a very lucrative, rewarding and fulfilling career as an actress of stage, film and television.

Carlease has over 100 acting credits to her name having worked with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, such as John Travolta in “Get Shorty”, Tom Hanks in “The Terminal”, Jennifer Lopez in “The Back-up Plan”, William H. Macy in Shameless, and Marlee Matlin in Sweet Nothings in My Ear, to name a few.

Carlease is all about giving back as she speaks about the causes she supports and her upcoming projects and coaching program for actors.  This, and so much more is in this very informative interview.  You can find out more about Carlease Burke by visiting her website at  You can also follow her on twitter, facebook and instagram.

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