Six Weeks To Fitness

Have you gained a few extra pounds over the past few months? How would you like to lose those extra pounds quickly in the shortest amount of time?  In this interview, Dr. Len Kravitz will tell you how.  Dr. Kravitz is the author of HIIT YOUR LIMIT: High-Intensity Interval Training for Fat Loss, Cardio, and Full Body Health.  Dr. Len Kravitz has thirty-seven years of experience as a researcher, writer, and speaker on fitness.  He is the Coordinator of Exercise Science at the University of New Mexico. He has published more than 300 articles in dozens of health and fitness publications and regularly travels the country as a speaker on fitness and health.

During the interview, Dr. Kravitz will discuss the reasons why so many Americans are overweight and out of shape.  He will share how and why HIIT is so effective in stimulating fat loss, building muscle, and improving overall health quickly and efficiently.

Why Are Americans Obese and Unhealthy?

Dr. Kravitz believes the reasons why so many Americans are obese, overweight, and out of shape is multi-factorial.  One of the reasons is that technology has taken charge.  Many of the things we use to do physically are being done by technology, even something as simple as washing dishes.  Another reason is highly processed foods with their excessive amounts of sugar and fat.  Dr. Kravitz believes that portion control is one of the best techniques to curb obesity.  Unfortunately, food scientists have made it hard for anyone to stick to small portions.

Dr. Kravitz also believes that inactivity is a major problem today. He would like to see research done on the correlation between inactivity and COVID-19.

Every 30 Get Your 3

Dr. Kravitz believes that every 30 minutes you should try and get 3 minutes of movement.  According to his research, if you have a predisposition to cardiac disease, this will minimize the risk.  It would also minimize the risk to insulin resistance.  Every 30 get your 3.

What is High Intensity Interval Training?

HIIT alternates movements that are challenging followed by movements that are less challenging at different intervals.  Research shows that when you alternate challenging with less challenging movements the change in intensity is beneficial to the heart.  There are also several studies that show this increase in movement affects the hormones that stimulate the breakdown of fat.  In addition, research has also shown that HIIT also improves your cognitive thinking skills.

HIIT can be done at home, in a gym, or even outdoors.  Dr. Kravitz gave an example of a very effective HIIT program.  Walk for 30 seconds briskly and then walk comfortably for 60 seconds.  You can do that 5 to 10 times.  His book has 50 different HIIT workouts.

How to ease back into an Exercise Program

According to Dr. Kravitz's research, if you miss 5 days of cardiovascular training, your cardiovascular system starts to become less efficient.  If you haven’t done any resistance training (weight training) in 3 weeks, you start to get physically weaker.  Unfortunately, most people will think they can perform the activity at the same level, but the research shows that is not the case.  Dr. Kravitz recommends that when going back to the gym or wherever you exercise, to start back at 50% capacity and slowly build back up.

I can personally see how this would be the case.  I recently went out to the park to do some pull-ups.  I thought I could knock out 15 or more like I use to do prior to the pandemic.  To my disappointment, I could only do about 10 and that was laborious. I will definitely take Dr. Kravitz's advice and work at 50% until I feel strong enough to increase the activity.

If you want to quickly lose fat, build muscle and get healthy, HIIT just might be the answer.  The book is available on Amazon and I highly recommend it.

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