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Do you like to dance? What are you doing on Saturday, May 21st in New York City? How would you like to participate in a free event that attracts over 10,000 dancers, live bands, DJs and over one hundred unique styles of dance and culture? I’m talking about live Tango, Salsa, Afro-Cuban Conga bands, floats, Dance Battles, a Soul Train Line and much more?

If all of this sounds too good to be true, then listen to my interview with Jamila Holman, the Festival Production Lead for the 16th annual Dance Parade. During the interview, Jamila discusses in detail, what you can expect to experience when you attend this awesome event. This is the largest dance event in New York City, and the only event (to my knowledge), where you are given a ticket if you don’t move your body! That’s right, instead of a parking or speeding ticket, you will receive a ticket for not moving. So, if you’re looking to tone up your body and lose weight, why not have fun while doing it at the 16th annual Dance Parade?

Jamila Holman began her dance career in NYC in 2003 with renowned Jazz Choreographer Frank Hatchett. Jamila danced at Madison Square Garden for the New York Knicks and was chosen to perform in shows in China, with John Legend and Paul McCartney. Jamila began her training under Frank Hatchett’s principal dancer Kim Norrington and was bolstered by choreographers at the Broadway Dance Center and Hunter College. Her training varies in styles from ballet, to jazz, tap, hip-hop and African. As a teacher she has assisted Frank Hatchett at conventions such as The Dance Teachers Summit, NADAA, with the New York Knicks Cheering for Children Organization and at New York City’s most popular gyms such as Crunch and David Barton. Currently, Jamila tours arenas nationwide as a choreographer and back-up dancer with R&B star Lisa Lisa of Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam.

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