Six Weeks To Fitness

In this episode, I will be joined by Certified Personal Trainer and Registered Nurse, Tafara Liz Muchechemera from Queensland, Australia.  During the interview Tafara will take us on a journey from Zimbabwe, where she was born and raised to where she currently lives in Queensland, Australia.  Tafara left Zimbabwe for economic reasons with only the clothes on her back and a suitcase, hoping to find a better life for her and her family.  Tafara will share the struggles and challenges she endured while being alone and how her only comfort was food.  The loneliness combined with her excessive comsumption of food, caused Tafara’s weight to increase to over 240 pounds.


In an act of desperation to lose the weight, Tafara took the advice of a friend and tried weight loss pills but the pills made her sick, nauseous and unable to sleep.  Tafara will discuss what actions she took to lose the weight and get her life back.  Tafara is now a personal trainer and has competed in various fitness competitions showing off her sculpted physique.  Tafara is truly an amazing woman and this is a very inspiring episode .

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