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In this episode of our Six Weeks to Fitness Podcast, I will be joined by the talented actor, Page Kennedy, who appears on Fox TV’s highly anticipated television series, “Backstrom” which airs on Thursday evenings on Fox.  During the interview, Page will discuss his character “Officer Frank Moto”, who is an ex-Mixed Martial Arts fighter who wanted to change his life by going into law enforcement.  Officer Moto is loyal, tough and simple at times and aspires to be a “plain clothes officer” and role model for his son.

Page Kennedy will also share the unconventional way in which he landed his first television role in Hollywood.  Page credits Michael Jackson as being his role model and the reason why he became an actor.  Page will also discuss what it was like growing up in Detroit, Michigan with his family and how his upbringing prepared him for life and made him what he is today.

In addition to being an actor, Page is also an accomplished rapper and during the interview, Page talks about his favorite rapper and the actor and actress he most wants to work with in the future.


Page reveals that although he does play recreational basketball, exercise does not come easy for him but he realizes the importance of eating healthy and exercising and vows to make it a part of his life going forward.

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