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How would you like to build a healthy, injury-free body?  If you do, then you will enjoy this interview with Dr. Sanaz Hariri, an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of shoulder and knee pain. Dr. Hariri did a sports medicine and arthroscopy fellowship at Stanford and a total knee replacement fellowship at Harvard. Dr. Hariri is an expert in minimally invasive techniques for shoulder and knee arthroscopy and knee replacement. She has treated players in many elite athletic organizations, including the Stanford football and basketball teams, the United Football League and the San Jose Ballet.

Dr. Hariri prides herself in taking the time to work closely with each patient to identify a path to recovery that is tailored to each patient’s lifestyle and treatment goals. Her practice includes the elite athlete striving to return to the highest level of competition, the recreational athlete looking to return to an active lifestyle, and the elderly patient wanting to enjoy their activities of daily life without pain.

Dr. Hariri believes in less intervention when it comes to treating injuries and more prevention, through movement, hydration and a healthy plant-based diet. During the interview, Dr. Hariri often referenced the “Blue Zones.”  In 1999, journalist and explorer Dan Buettner led a series of expeditions with National Geographic and a team of anthropologists, demographers, and scientists to discover the world’s longest-living populations and the commonalities between these unique groups of people.


Through their research, they identified five regions of the world with the largest percentage of individuals 100 years of age or older, collectively called the Blue Zones. The people of these regions engage in similar lifestyle habits, such as consuming a plant-heavy diet and prioritizing tight-knit social networks. These sharing features are referred to as the Power Nine in Dan Buettner’s book “The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longest.”

This was a very enlightening and informative interview with Dr. Hariri.  Her motto is “movement means health and happiness” and during the interview, she explains why movement is so important. Dr. Hariri also believes that supplementation is a key component to building good health and that is why she is now an advisor to 305-Life, a health and wellness lifestyle brand that celebrates the ethos of Miami and seeks to inspire consumers to get the most out of life by staying hydrated and active.

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