Six Weeks To Fitness

Dave Sherwin is a certified fitness and nutrition coach, podcaster, entrepreneur, and practitioner of mindfulness and meditation. His company has helped over 100,000 people achieve long-term weight loss and today on my Six Weeks to Fitness podcast, Dave shares his tips on how to achieve long-term weight loss during the holidays and much more.  Did you ever think about eating an apple before heading out to your company’s holiday celebration or before heading out to your family’s Thanksgiving celebration?  What about choosing a smaller plate for your snacks?  These are just a couple of the many tips and suggestions Dave will share on the podcast. 

Dave’s passion is helping grown-ups navigate real-world business and life challenges to achieve their best health and wellness at any age. He is also the creator and host of The Dirobi Health Show which covers everything to do with health and wellness, including the latest in nutrition, exercise, supplements, and clinical studies.  Dave has used hard work, nutrition, supplementation, and science to obtain a high level of fitness in his own life.  He has gained tremendous insight into the challenges and joys of long-term weight loss.

Dave believes that anyone can find time to exercise and lose weight if they really wanted to.  During the interview, Dave will share case studies of his clients, one of whom lost 40 pounds in one month, and to celebrate her achievement, she bought her favorite snack, a reeses peanut butter cup, she took one bite and had to spit out the candy.  Her body was so used to eating real food, the processed sweets did not appeal to her anymore.  This is just one of many case studies Dave shared in this truly informative and inspiring interview.

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