Six Weeks To Fitness

How would you like to learn how to reach your highest and healthiest potential after age 40? I asked my next guest, Shahada Karim, that question and she provided some awesome tips and advice. Shahada Karim believes the most effective way to connect is through plain speech, clear direction and decisive action. She grew up ‘dabbling’ in forms of yoga, to stretch overworked muscles from too many hours in the gym. In 2012, she committed to learning as much as she could about yoga with her first 200 hour training in Power (Hatha) Yoga. She’s since been certified in Hot Power Fusion, Yoga with Weights, and Yin Yoga. She has also studied Yoga 4 Cancer and Yoga Nidra. She has specialized training in advanced anatomy and physiology, energetic cultivation and transfer, intelligence in sound and sequencing, and breath-work for grounding and expansion.

In 2017, she expanded her studies to Ayerveda Yoga and its specific connection to Nutrition and Physical Expression. In 2018, she founded Habibi Body Sport to focus on specific choices and habits to encourage health and wellness for life, and today, she teaches group classes at studios around Los Angeles, including Habibi Body: a targeted plan designed to engage primary and accessory muscle groups simultaneously for a full body workout. She keeps a steady roster of private clients for both nutrition and exercise, and continues to manage the day-to-day operations of her first baby, Habibi Bath & Body, which focuses on organic and natural skincare.

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