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Did you know that your skin is the largest organ on your body and what you put on your skin can significantly affect your health? Heather Marianna is the creator of Beauty Kitchen, a plant-based at-home spa and skincare line with clean ingredients free of chemicals, sulfates, and harsh parabens. Beauty Kitchen started in 2012 as a YouTube channel where Heather would demonstrate DIY beauty treatments using simple, all-natural ingredients found in most kitchens to educate the masses about the importance of knowing what you are putting on your skin.  

The Early Years

Heather grew up in beautiful San Diego, California.  Her grandmother raised her until she was old enough to go to college.  She attended the University of Indianapolis in Indiana.  After graduating from college, she worked in a few businesses until she was offered a job as a Vice President of Marketing for a consulting firm in Las Vegas. 

After quitting her corporate job as VP of Marketing, Heather was out of work for six months, not sure what she was going to do next.  She then called some of her friends seeking guidance.  Her friends told her she needs to make that “skincare stuff.”  Heather then shared how while on vacation in Africa, she noticed one of her friends had a serious acne problem.  Heather told her friend that she could “fix it if you let me”.  The friend agreed, so Heather went down to the kitchen, gathered up all the stuff she was interested in for natural and spiritual healing, applied it to her friends face, and her friend’s face cleared up in 2 days.  Her friends then encouraged her to pursue this line of work professionally.  It was after this encouragement that Heather created the Beauty Kitchen YouTube channel.

Beauty Kitchen YouTube Channel

The channel quickly garnered millions of views, and soon after, the actual product line was born. Heather has appeared on over 85+ national TV news segments demonstrating her all-natural and easy-to-do at-home beauty treatments. She was just recently named “the Nevada Female Leader Making Moves in The West” by The, and she was also named an “Inspirational Female Executive to Follow” by The magazine.

Heather believes her products are better than other so-called “natural” products because she owns the manufacturing of the products and oversees the ingredients that are put into it. Heather has been approached by Target, Wholefoods, and other significant retailers but refused to send her products to a warehouse, where in her words, “they would be sitting for months” at a time. The only way her products could stay on the shelves for that amount of time is to have preservatives in it. Heather refuses to compromise her products or her reputation.

Private Labeling

Heather also shared that her company does private labeling.  You can sell hand sanitizer and other products from the Beauty Kitchen, with your brand’s name attached to it.  

Giving Back

Heather Marianna is very involved in giving back to her community and abroad. She distributes hand sanitizers and other products to the kids in the local schools. She has also traveled to Africa on several occasions for a month to volunteer with the local communities in Kenya and Tanzania. Heather plans on spending more time volunteering in Africa and speaks highly of the experience.


Long before COVID-19 hit, Heather had been selling natural hand sanitizers. She has donated tons of hand sanitizers. She recently donated 250 essential worker boxes worth at least $200 each with a $100.00 gift card.


Heather believes that exercise and eating healthy are also good for your skin, and that’s why she exercises at least five days per week.  She recently placed a kettlebell in her room so she can squat while watching television. Heather wants to put on more weight, so her plan is to take in more healthy calories

If you’re looking for truly safe and natural products that are good for your skin and your health, look no further than Heather Marianna’s Beauty Kitchen.

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