Six Weeks To Fitness

Do you suffer from IBS, Depression, or Psoriasis? How about fatigue or anxiety?  If so, then I recommend listening to Jordan Trinagel, she is the founder of Health Reconditioned, an online health coaching business focused on utilizing holistic health and functional medicine to find the root cause of symptoms and diseases. Jordan was a professional dancer in college and an NPC bikini competitor.  She is also a licensed occupational therapist.  Jordan struggled with her own health issues, such as anxiety/depression, IBS, psoriasis, and fatigue until she discovered functional medicine which helped her to understand what was causing her symptoms and helped to reverse the diseases.  During the interview, Jordan will discuss why functional medicine is so effective when it comes to diagnosing and reversing disease.  Unlike conventional medicine, functional medicine addresses the root cause of the disease, not just the symptoms. 

According to Jordan, there are three things that make us sick, (i) things we put in our body, (ii) things we put on our body and (iii) things that are around our body, this includes food, liquids, skincare products, cleaning products, candles and more.

If you’re seeking practical and sustainable solutions to chronic illnesses, and not just a pill for every ill, then check out my interview with Jordan.  To learn more about Jordan Trinagel, visit  You can also check out her IG page @health_reconditioned.

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