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In this episode of my Six Weeks to Fitness podcast, I am joined by Jorge Blamo, an actor and former collegiate baseball star. Jorge always loved acting and sports but chose to play baseball in high school and college, but as fate would have it, a groin injury sidelined him from playing during his sophomore year of college. Depressed while recovering from his injury, Jorge switched gears and returned to his other ‘first’ love — acting.

After college, Jorge pursued acting full-time. His credits include "Bull" on CBS and Hulu’s "Wu-Tang: An American Saga," among others. Jorge has done commercials for Rémy Martin alongside singer, songwriter Usher, Sling TV, Audi, Bose, and Under Armour. He is also slated to appear in two upcoming movies, including "With Myself."

During the interview Jorge discusses his Ghanian/Portuguese roots; the influence his mother and father had on his life growing up and the significant role faith, fitness and a positive mental mindset play in helping him to pursue his dreams as a professional actor. When I asked Jorge how he deals with rejection when it comes to landing roles in Hollywood, he stated that “for every thousand no’s there is one yes. It’s the same in baseball, you don’t bat one thousand, but you keep swinging.”

It was a real pleasure interviewing this young, positive and inspiring, purpose-driven rising star. Remember the name Jorge Blamo, you will be seeing his name all over the big screen one day soon.

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